Farm Raised Poultry

Antibiotic, growth hormones, and vaccine free broilers, RAISED on our pastures!

We raise our own broilers, whether they hatch at our farm or come from a hatchery.

We feed our broilers premium NON GMO Soy free feed from start to finish.  We raise our broilers in mobile houses/tractors that is rotated throughout the pasture once, daily, to ensure optimal husbandry and health of our birds. We ensure that they have plenty of space to move around in each tractor or mobile house. Each tractor has a side door that allows for the birds to venture out and and graze in the pasture within the Premier fence we put up to ensure their safety and wellbeing while grazing freely in the pasture. If bedding is needed for our chicks, we use hemp. We source our hemp as well as soy free Non GMO feed directly from New Country Organics, in VA.

2 week Cornish Cross chicks transferred to the tractor over the Summer

We supplement the feed with natural blend I make it myself with fresh herbs I grow in my vegetable garden. We do all of the processing ourselves here at our facility. In average, processing (harvest of broilers) takes place every 2-3 months, depending on the broiler we are growing for you. For instance, a Cornish Cross broiler takes 8 weeks to reach market weight of 3-4lbs, 10-12 weeks to reach 4.5lbs+.  A Kosher King takes 12-13 weeks to reach the same finished weight as the Cornish Cross at just 8 weeks; however, the meat texture is far superior, in my opinion. A standard Cornish female chicken weighs 4lbs or more (finished weight) at 14 weeks, whereas the males yield a 5lb of finished weight. 

14 week Kosher Kings

Whole dressed chickens come with all the innards (heart, liver, neck, and gizzard). Per customer request, we can include the feet as well.

Beginning January 1, 2021 we'll offer whole chicken and duck, on a pre-order basis only!

  You commit to purchase a minimum of 3 whole dressed chickens for each harvest you pre-order. There is no minimum requirement on order types of poultry, but for chickens you must order at least 3 at a time. Quails are sold by the pound. Usually, 3-4 whole quails. I only process male quails when available. If you want a farm fresh turkey for Thanksgiving , I need to have your order by early Spring (April 15 would be the last day to order). We grow them for 18-20 weeks.

 ✔  2021 harvest will begin in March and finish at the end of November.     

✔  You are not obligated to commit to every harvest in a season, but we ask that you do honor your commitment to the harvest you have ordered birds for.

✔  You choose how often you want to purchase fresh chickens and or other type of farm raised poultry from us. 

✔  Pay a 25% non -refundable deposit + applicable fee ( if invoiced via PayPal) on the estimated total amount of your order. We also accept Zelle and Venmo (no added fees!) We'll use your desired finished weight to calculate your non-refundable deposit. 

✔  You are more than welcome to request an appointment to visit our farm operation, meet  your farmer, and ask any questions you may still have. At that time, you may pay  your non-refundable deposit, in cash. (A receipt will be provided for deposits paid in cash).  Please click on this link to read our policy regarding farm visits. We have made some changes this year.

✔  Your deposit amount will be subtracted from the total amount due (excluding invoice fee, if deposit is paid with Paypal). Balance is due in cash at time you pick up your order. You are welcome to use Zelle or Venmo to pay the balance at pick up.

✔  Once your birds hatch or arrive (baby chicks), we'll contact you to let you know and give you an anticipated processing and pick up date. Processing will always be on Saturday morning. Fresh chickens should be picked up on the same day of harvest or the next day, the latest. Per USDA, freshly harvested chickens must be stored in the freezer after resting for 24 hours in the refrigerator.

✔  Broiler chicks will only be grown to order. Chicks will be ordered on the 15th of every other month, starting January 15th. Then the next order will be placed on March 15, and so forth, till September 15th.

Prices are as follows:

  • Fast growing broilers (Cornish Crosses): $ 5/lb
  • Heritage/Slow growing broilers: 6.50/lb
  • Heritage duck : $ 7/lb 
  • Muscovy duck (skin off): $8/lb
  • Muscovy duck (plucked:) $10/lb

  • Fryers (cockerels between 8-14 weeks):   4.50/lb
  • Broadbreasted white turkey: $7/lb
  • Whole dressed quail: $15/lb (about 3-4 whole quail; no innards included) 

   You can place an order anytime between now and August 1, 2020 (with exception of turkeys. Those must be ordered by no later than 4/15/21). To place an order, please scan the QR code below


I will then contact you to go over your order and take your deposit by cash (Zelle and Venmo are welcome) or Paypal invoice. We value and take your privacy very seriously. The information you share with us stay with us for the sole purpose of serving you with excellence.