Swedish Flower Hen

 Swedish Flower Hens 

The name is very appropriate for this breed of beautiful and elegant chicken.  


Native of Sweden and imported into the U.S in 2010, the Swedish Flower has become very popular due to its joyful appearance and temperament. The Swedish Flower comes in a variety of colors. Words can’t describe the infinity of possibilities! Every hatch is a surprise!! The base colors can range from black, blue, yellow, and red. The feather pattern is millefleur (thousand flowers), the feathers are white-tipped. The combinations are many and varied – black/white, white/red, and a pattern similar to the Speckled Sussex hen.

Color Variety

The rarest coloration pattern is called ‘Snow Leopard.’ Some of the white tips are replaced by black tips giving an overall picture of gold/white/black markings named after the rare Snow Leopard.
Swedish Flowers and are very friendly and social. Speaking from my own experience with this breed, it is one of my favorites in terms of temperament. They are calm, confident, and poised. The females are extremely curious and inquisitive. They love the outdoors and exploring the world around them, but they also bear confinement well.

They enjoy human interaction. They are curious and love to explore the world around them. Hens lay a decent amount of eggs per week. Egg size is large and extra-large and of cream color. 

The hens will lay anywhere between 180-200 eggs per year. They are very hardy and tolerate a wide variety of weather conditions.

Breed Standard

The Swedish Flower Hen has not been bred to any written standard of perfection (THANK GOD!!), so they have not been recognized by the American Standard of Perfection (APA).  Personally I would not follow it if there was one. This is a unique breed with a diverse gene pool. I would want to keep the way it is in its original form. 

Standard Appearance

Birds can be crested, tasseled, or not, depending on the line of birds you have. Our bloodlines carry both the crested and non crested genes, so you potentially hatch both appearance from our flock's eggs.

Wattles, single comb, and ear lobes are all red. Eyes are orange/yellow.

The body is rounded and robust, a medium-sized bird with the roosters weighing around 8lb and the hens 5 ½ lb.

The skin can be yellow or black mottled in color, with legs being clean and light tan in color. Chicks’ legs can be a pink or grey color.

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