White Rock Cross



In Spring of 2019, we acquired two batch of chicks from a farm in Illinois. One batch was called Slow White Rocks and the other batch were White Rocks. Right from the start, we were extremely please and impressed with their performance growing up. At first I thought my husband had put his hands on some real White Cornish. Well, they seem to be non- existent in this country. It turns out we can only find the bantams. At that present time, I did not know any of this until later in 2021. In any event, we were looking for some super-sized chickens we could cross to develop our own meat-type broiler for self-sustenance. My little army grew at a faster rate than my regular chicks so I knew I was on to something good. The hens began laying at around 20-22 weeks of age and they prolifically till molting season. Then, came the chicks. They were just as vigorous as their parents. We cheered! Before I knew the APA standards for the Cornish--the real Cornish, I used to market these as Cornish Rock. After my aha-moment in 2021, I started calling them White Rock Cross, because that's what they really are. They are supersized chickens that are robust, vigorous, incredibly hardy,  and aggressive foragers. The hens are avid layers. They are usually the last ones to quit due to molting and the first ones to return to work during season. 

If you want chickens that will do the job around your homestead and serve up a good roast at your dinner table, this is it right here.


The chicks hatch out white with yellow combs that will later turn into a fire engine red single comb (they inherit this trait from their White Rock parents). They have beautiful white plumage. My adult males weight close to 16lbs and my females weight about 10 lbs average. The hens egg size vary from large - jumbo eggs, but I only select the large and extra-large for hatching as the jumbo often are double-yokers!



Besides their being a little intimidating (the rooster are full breasted and stand tall with great confidence), they are sweet-hearts, specially the roosters. The hens can be a little flighty. The roosters are very attentive to the hens, specially when they are out and about. The hens are stubborn. They are usually the last ones to return from a stroll, then they get an attitude adjustment from their males. It's like they are saying "Where in the world have you been woman?" They are so funny. Lol.

We often have a waiting list for their eggs and chicks. Factors such as molting can sometimes cause delays. If you wish to pre- order hatching eggs, please click HERE 

If you want to pre-order baby chicks, please click HERE

Hatching Eggs: $45 per dozen

Baby chicks: $4.50 per chick

If you require your order of hatching eggs to be shipped, add another $25. This covers shipping label/box, materials, and my time preparing the eggs for shipping.

Please note we do not ship chicks. They must be picked up locally by the first Saturday following their hatch date. 

Brutus, our handsome Slow White rooster and his ladies

7 week males

White Rock Hen

Popeye - White Rock Stud Rooster