Our Lads

Rusty, (pronounced RUS tee) Means "Red Headed "  Origin- American. Mini longhaired red male - Our beloved pet

Rusty is a red long-haired male. He is a loyal friend. Rusty is a loyal and loveable best friend. He is always ready to go on a truck ride with his dad. He loves to go to Lowes, Tractor Supply, and Rural King. He has also made a few appearances at the Great Catch in Zephyrhills. Rusty is well loved and received wherever he goes. Everyone wants to pet him.


Ignatius (pronounced ig NAY shus ) Means "Fiery one" Origin-Latin. Mini longhaired red dapple male, our beloved pet

Ignatius, "Iggy" came to our lives in May of this year. He was flown in from Russia into New York. Then travelled by car with the transport person to Florida where we got him. He comes from a champion line. We absolutely love him. he is a red dapple with a chocolate base. Iggy is one of my favorites. He and Rusty get along pretty well. They play all day together and spend most of their time with dad, in his office. PS: They have their own chair. He also enjoys the outdoors with the others as long as it's not too hot.

Galileo (pronounced Gaa-Liy-Leh-ow ) Means “father of  science" Origin-Italian. 

Mini black and red, longhaired male

Galileo is a wonderful companion and our beloved pet. He is very helpful and wants to cuddle and take naps. Galileo has both chocolate and dapple gene. His father, a longhaired chocolate and tan dapple won multiple championships in Russia. Mom is a longhaired black and tan.

Qaletaqa  (pronounced KA-let-TA-ka)  Means "guardian of the people" Origin-Native American

 Mini longhaired shaded red


Qaletaqa is another favorite of ours and a beloved family member. Besides being adorable, he has a wonderful personality. He hangs out in the back waiting for his turn when treats are being handed out.  His father is a rabbit (8.8 pounds), longhair black and tan dapple. His mother is a dwarf (11 pounds), red longhair. Both have earned multiple championship titles.