Salmon Faverolles

The Happy Chicken Coop has coined the Salmon Faverolle chicken as the "banyard comedians" ! I can tell you they could not be more accurate! If you like quiet chickens, Salmon Faverolles are not for you. This is a very energetic, active, talkative flock. Very productive too. 


Salmon Faverolles are a French breed from a small village called Faverolles. They were developed from other breeds. Their genetic makeup includes Brahma, Dorking, Houdan, French Rennes, French Cuckoo, and Malines.

We first acquired our breeding stock from Southgate Faverolles.  Devon has a passion for Faverolles and I found out about her during the time I was a member at the Salmon Faverolle club of USA.  I would describe my flock as high quality, but I do not claim any of them to be show quality. Very few birds meet all of the SOP marks to be certified as such. Nonetheless,  we do cull and keep the best to further advance and preserve the beautiful work Devon has done. Our males are stunning,  close to perfectšŸ„°. Our females will display the breed standards with no black leakage you normally see in hatchery quality birds. I must warn you: If you are looking for a quiet breed, Salmon Faverolles are not the right breed for you. Lol. They are quite talkative.  Very curious and nosy. They love to free range and being out exploring the field when allowed. Ours hens lay a range of color from light tan, to pinkish , to a Salmon color. Our bloodline has the white recessive gene. This means you may hatch white Faverolles which are quiet rare. Salmon Faverolles are recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA). Standard salmon and white  are the only colors accepted by the APA.


Comb: Single with 5 points, pink/red

Eyes: A reddish bay

Wattles: Small

Beak: Pink/horn color

Body: Deep and broad (trapezoid shape)

Breast: Wide and white/straw colored speckled with salmon

Feathers: Fluffy and loose

Toes and Legs: Five and feathered.

Average Weight: Adult males reach 8 pounds and females get to 6-7 pounds of average live weight.

Salmon Faverolles are active, prolific layers


Salmon Faverolles are great layers of medium sized eggs. Our line lay a light pinkish - salmon color variation. 

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