Our farm fresh free range eggs

We offer free range eggs from pasture raised chickens we have grown ourselves for the sole purpose of free ranging and laying the most nutritious eggs. Our free range flock is housed in a 20ft wide x 36 ft long mobile house built by Poly-Tex to ensure their safety and well being year round. We feed premium soy free Non GMO grains. 
                                                            Soy free NCO layer mash

Why soy free?

We have been purchasing directly from New Country Organics well over a year now. We care about what goes into our bodies. I have tried other Non GMO feeds but nothing is better than soy free. You may be asking, Why soy free? I would encourage anyone to conduct research on the direct effects of soy to our health. Soy is packed with allergens and elevated hormones , particularly estrogen. Soy is high in phytoestrogens that contribute to the acceleration of adolescence in our children. Soy is also high in trypsin inhibitors which contribute to allergies. Many of our customers have told me in confidence how eating the eggs produced at our farm have helped them reduce allergies. Statements like this validate my early decision to feed our flock the absolute best product our farm can afford. We hope to continue to bring you the best eggs for many years to come.
NCO feed pallet

Our hens free range all day. They have free access to 2 1/2 acres (in the back of our residence) of green pasture, fresh automatic water, and plenty of sunlight  at will.

Mobile range coop

We use roll out Amish nesting boxes for a damage free, safer, and more sanitary egg collection .

 Per USDA, we are required to wash and sanitize the eggs we sell for human consumption. I use an Eco machine to make homemade, natural sanitizer. We do not spray bleach nor we do tint eggs. They are sold in FDA approved pulp cartons that are biodegradable and 100%  recyclable. Our eggs can be purchased locally by appointment or at the Farmhouse Market & Cafe, located at 14124 5th St. Dade City, FL. Current prices are $6.50/dz, $12/18ct (premium packaging with extra large/jumbo eggs only). Flats of 30 eggs are currently sold locally only for $16. Please contact us for bulk pricing on flats.
18ct of free range eggs

We are Fresh from Florida!

We proudly participate in the Fresh from Florida program.

 Bright colored yolks from our free range layers



 *Prices are always subject to change.