We are a diverse, family owned and operated farm located in the charming town of Dade City, FL. We raise chickens, gamebird, and waterfowl on a total combined 20 acres of green pastures at our animals' disposal. We also raise a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats, cattle, and swine. We rotate them across the pastures as needed. We raise our chickens from day one. Many of them have hatched in our premise. We feed premium quality NON GMO soy free feed to our flock. We are licensed by the Florida Department of Agriculture to sell the eggs and meat produced at our farm. They can be purchased at the Farmhouse Market & Cafe in downtown Dade City as well as locally by appointment.
We are passionate about the breeds we raise. We raise a variety of rare breeds and some heritage breeds as well. Most of our parent stock originate from Greenfire lines, acquired directly from Greenfire by us or through popular breeders in the US. We participate in the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) # 58-72577E. This means our breeding flock is tested twice a year for potential illnesses common in our state. We are AI/PT clean.
Everything moves at our farm. Even the breeders, who live in a confined 5x10 coop (some groups enjoy a spacious 10x10), is provided the opportunity to access sunlight and green grass in an alternate schedule. Prior to field exposure, our 8 week chicks a vaccinated against Fowl Pox (except those raised for meat) and moved out of the brooder room to the pasture to continue growing on the grass, in mobile chicken houses or hand made chicken tractors that we built and move on a fixed schedule, usually daily to a fresh spot.
It all began with 8 little chicks my husband brought home one day. He thought it would be a fun, neat little project for our girls to raise chicks and learn where food comes from. Eight little chicks was all that took!! Eight little chicks puts us under some type of chicken spell. All of a sudden, we were having fun cleaning the coup, collecting eggs, watching the chickens running towards us for treats. We found ourselves enjoying the outdoors and sipping our coffee surrounded by chickens! Soon, 7 chickens (One died by dog accident. I was devastated and needed a replacement immediately!!) . We had to get more chickens! Our flock slowly grew from 8 to 29, to 40, to 400!


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