Our Lasses

Yedidah (pronounced Y EH D IH DAH ) Hebrew form of Jedidah, Means "Friend"
Rabbit (8.4 pounds), chocolate and tan

There are not enough words to express how we feel about Yedidah. Her name serves her well. She is a bundle of joy mixed with friendship and loyalty put together in such a small package. Yedidah is a sweetheart. She walks like she is parading in a dog show. Yedidah's father is a dwarf (11 pounds), longhair brown and tan and champion with multiple awards in several venues in Russia. Her mother is a dwarf black and tan dapple.


Yevunye (pronounced  ye -vun- ye, yev (u)- nye Means "Life"

Mini, longhair chocolate and tan female

Yevunye is Yedidah's sister. Yevunye is very playful and energetic. She is always alert. She is very vocal; she likes to let us know when she needs something. Yevunye is also very outgoing. She loves to play with her friends. We love her to pieces! 

Bailey  (pronounced  BAY lee) Means " Steward "  Origin-English

Mini black and red smooth female

Bailey is beautiful and playful. She is quiet, but when she wants your attention, she gives you little taps with her paw on your foot. She mesmerizes us with her gaze. She has such beautiful eyes.

Penny  (pronounced  PEN ee) Means "silent worker"  Origin-Greek

Mini smooth cream female

Penny's name suits her really well. She is a silent worker, working to steal our hearts and attention all the time! There is no barricade or object high enough to keep Penny from jumping out or jumping on. One day, I looked out into the porch area, and there was Penny, on top of the stand up freezer! She is absolutely fearless and thinks she is a super dog! Well, she is truly amazing, loving, and loyal best friend.


Molly  (pronounced MOL lee) Means "great "  Origin- Irish

Mini longhair black and tan female

Molly is a lizard hunter! When she is not taking her long naps, she is scouting her play area, looking for lizards to chase.