German Bielefelders



If God forbid I was forced to choose and raise only one breed, the Bielefelders would be it. Native of German, this exotic dual purpose breed is easy to raise and fall in love with. The Bielefelders have excellent temperament (both male and female). They are round and robust , yet incredibly docile and social. In average, these birds reach maturity at 22 weeks. Males can easily reach 12 pounds and females 9.5 pounds of body weight. They love to free range but also bear confinement well. My hens love to be petted and get treats from my hand. The rooster, Anthony is a gentleman around his ladies. He invites them and lets them eat first. When they are on a pasture stroll, he is always keeping an eye out; always alert. They are also mesmerizing birds. Our stock is high quality, bred to APA standards, so it would be highly unlikely to see defects such as white earlobes. Our bloodline is diverse with birds from 2011 and 2013 imports. Chicks are auto-sexed. Females sell for $20 each and males are $5 each. We offer hatching eggs during Spring.

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Hatching eggs: $50 per dozen

Day old/week pullets: $20 each

Day old/week males: $5 each

Shipping is $25. This covers the shipping label, materials used, and my time preparing your order for shipping.