Eating quail eggs


Quail eggs are packed with numerous health benefits in just one serving! Each quail egg offers a daily dose of vitamin B12, selenium, riboflavin, and  some iron. All in just 14 calories and very little cholesterol! As a matter of fact, quail eggs are known for not having LDL (bad cholesterol), but having HDL (good cholesterol), making quail eggs a super food. Click here to learn more about quail egg benefits.

We offer fresh quail eggs for eating from our flock of Coturnix Texas AM and Japanese Pharaoh quail hens. When available, quail eggs can be purchased locally by appointment or at the Farmhouse Market & Cafe, located at 14124 5th St. Dade City, FL. Current price for eating eggs is $12 per dozen. Eggs are sold washed as required by the USDA and packaged in FDA approved quail egg packaging. 

*Prices are always subject to change