Crele Orpington (RARE)



We have been working to further advance and preserve this beautiful variety of Orpingtons since 2019. We have acquired our foundation flock from a master exhibitor in Florida (Indigo Egg).


Crele" is round, with a cuckoo barred plumage, quite stunning with red-and-gold irregular barring around the hackles, and black-and-white irregular barring on the body and the roosters have a beautiful red-gold barred saddle. The Crele Orpington, also known as a Legbar Orpington, were first created in Denmark form partridge and cuckoo parentage and is still rare in the United States. Hens will weight 6-8 pounds whereas the roosters can weight up to 10lbs. Please note this variety of Orrington's throw a variation in coloring (as you can see I have mahogany and black/grayish chicks), from bird to bird and generation to generation, which makes them so unique!


 They are sweet, gentle, docile birds (even the roosters) Hens are good layers all year round, even into winter, producing medium to large brown eggs steadily right through the coldest weather. Orpingtons are good setters and mothers. They  also love to chat and make happy little sounds, specially when allowed to free range. Our flock enjoys a few hours of supervised strolling on weekends. 

Breed Standard

This variety of Orpington is Not APA recognized

Denmark Breed Standard

The males will show a warm gold color in their hackle, saddle, and shoulders. The absence of brown or red in the cuckoo colored breast and thighs is desired. Brown -red eye color, pink white beak and legs. The hens are salmon color.

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