Black Copper Marans



Black Copper Marans are an all time favorite French breed amongst many backyard flock owners. They have a wonderful temperament and the hens lay the most beautiful dark reddish brown eggs. The breed originates from France, and at one point, used to be the main source of poultry meat and eggs. They are actually famous for their delicious eggs!

Black Copper Marans  (BCM's) are amongst my favorite chickens of all time! They are just so beautiful and have such a wonderful disposition. The lads are true romantics. They take due time in courtship for their favorite hens. It's so fun to watch. They are docile and friendly. Black Copper Marans originate from France. They are fun and active birds that love to forage but also bear confinement  well. Marans are hardy birds, making a suitable choice in various types of weather. 

Plankton, now retired from breeding                     Mario 

The hens lay about 200 eggs a year. They lay a unique dark chocolate color egg. 

Our chicks sell for $15. We occasionally hatch splash color as well. They are quiet a show stopper.

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Please note you may hatch both Blue and Black Copper Marans from our flocks eggs.

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