Birchen Marans (BBS)



The Birchen Marans, also known as BBS Marans (Blue, black, and splash) is a not yet recognized by the APA. Nonetheless, it is a glamorous variety that often does not receive the recognition it deserves. This is the rarest variety of Marans.  Just as friendly and social as the Black Coppers, our Birchen hens lay  beautiful large - extra large brown eggs with a tint of red to it; some even have dark spots on it. Our eggs from this variety have been getting darker each season as we continue to advance the breed in our program. We only keep the black and blue colors in the breeding program for this variety. Day old/week chicks sell for $10 each and unsexed. Hatching eggs are $45 per dozen for local pick up. Shipping is $25. This covers the shipping label, materials used, and my time preparing your order for shipping.

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Tucker - Our handsome Black Silver rooster

Jullian - a Blue Silver hen

Constantine, our former handsome Blue Birchen

Jocasta, a Black Silver hen

2020 season