Available Puppies

Last updated on 9/19/22

Molly delivered five gorgeous puppies on the morning of 7/29/22. All are doing well!

4 males and 1 female!

The males are:
Grayson - mini longhair black and tan dapple, adopted
Lucas - mini longhair chocolate and cream dapple, adopted
Zack - mini longhair black and tan, adopted, 9/19/22
Xavier - mini longhair chocolate, adopted 

 The female is:
Blossom - mini longhair black and tan, adopted

6 weeks Zack (left) with his sister Blossom (right). 

If you have fallen in love with one of them, please read our purchasing policy After reading our purchasing policy, call or text if you have any additional questions we may have not covered. If you are ready to reserve a puppy that is available, go ahead and submit your application form which is the first step to reserving the puppy. It is best to leave a voice mail or send a text message to (352)467-2600 if you have submitted the form and really want the puppy. Sometimes, we get responses from folks that don't amount to anything because they just don't follow up with us, so I tend to ignore those. A serious buyer always hunts us down for the puppy they want.