Farm visit


Please be advised we follow strict biosecurity guidelines to ensure the health of our birds and of your own flock. 

When visiting our farm, you are required to wear shoe covers that we provide. They cover your shoes so you are not tracking anything in nor out. This is to avoid cross contamination. For this reason, it is best that you wear tennis shoes or garden boots when visiting. I may also provide you with a hair net which keeps your from accumulating bird dander on your hair. These are the two most common ways people can, inadvertently, contaminate a flock with infectious poultry diseases that will dwell on the soil for generations to come. Best way to keep a flock healthy is preventing it from ever happening.

Unless your visit is a quick 15 min farm pick up (eggs, CSA farm raised poultry, laying hens, chicks, etc), in and out,  we will charge $5 per adult and $ 3 per child from 2yr-14, for up to 45 minute tour. This fee helps cover the cost of biosecurity apparel, disinfectants, and my time which is very limited. This fee is waived with your purchase of $50 or more.